Artist Statement

In my practice I like to explore how the body relates to and inhabits space. As we move through the world, we have a complex and layered experience of how we both create and are created by our interactions with our environment. Through my artistic practice I seek to visually investigate this tension that lies in that perceptual push and pull and how the self is in a way born of that relationship.

I take a great deal of inspiration from mid-20th century realist painting, as well as abstract expressionism as well as the Korean minimalist movement of the 1970's. My work is also deeply rooted in phenomenology and epistemology following research and writing I have conducted on the philosophy of space and how we actualise through our interaction with the world around us.

My current practice mainly revolves around large scale oil painting on canvas and involves a process of painting thin layers of paint over which I build up my compositions in thicker layers of to create depth and structure. I use mainly long straight lines to create my compositions contrasted with more light and expressive brushwork and this process of honing very precise controlled movements and developing the quality of my brushwork has become an essential aspect of my practice both practically and conceptually.

News: Chromo

Image of poster for show- Designed by Blue Hockey-Martin

In February I organised a group show at The Old Hair Dressers bar and venue. This show consisted of works by myself, Alice Feeney, Kate Mcclenaghen and Rowan Meredith. This Show entitled 'Chromo' showed the recent making practice of all four of us as emerging artists.<>